We have realized the importance of working together and collaborating closely with steel mills. Not only to meet our customer’s needs, but to ensure as clean a carbon footprint as possible to meet the needs of the world’s capacity to serve future generations.

With this in mind, Nirmala Avijaya Group has launched NIRMALA CARE (Planting seeds in several high polluted areas within the region), a program aimed at tackling sustainability issues at a grassroots level.



This long-term vision for was born through the vision of the employees directly involved throughout the process across the value- chain beginning from the mining of the iron ore, to the processing of the Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel, Coatings until the point of transportation.  This is the backbone reason that started our NIRMALA CARE program on our 20th anniversary of operations on the 21st of August 2010. 


NIRMALA CARE also has another focus on livelihood of the workers and to ensure a sustainable living through the establishment of various charitable events such as funding the education of children in regions throughout our value-chain we will benefit the most.



NIRMALA CARE creates a profitable system through ensuring a high-quality product and good internal management.


We are working with over 47 mills in China, Philippines, Japan and Vietnam to provide high quality steel coils with as low a carbon footprint as possible, while also ensuring our goods are transported in the quickest and most efficient manner.